9 Places You Should Visit In Granite Bay

Granite Bay is one of the most popular places in America with lots of tourist attractions for the guests and visitors who come all through the year. I decided to write this piece to help tourists and new residents in Granite Bay figure out the most interesting spots to go to. For maximum fun, go along with friends or be prepared to meet new people.

  1. Lake Natoma. If you love water sports like swimming, kayaking, and rowing, then Lake Natoma is the place for you. There’s a very popular rowing competition held here annually, hosting some of the best teams ever. The lake also has a bike path and six mile trail, for those who are more inclined to biking and hiking.
  2. Harris Center. The Harris Center is your one stop shop for the performing arts. It features performing artists like dancers and singers as well as a gallery for the exhibition of works by visual artists.
  3. Folsom Historical Museum. At the Historical Museum, you get a feel for what the natives of Granite Bay lived like. Here you can see historical exhibits about the history of gold mining in California as well as learn about the role of the town in the trade.
  4. Studio Movie Grill. This is probably the best place to see a movie in Granite Bay. They have a good number of theatres with excellent sound and screen picture quality so you feel as close to the action as possible.
  5. Granite Bay Beach. You shouldn’t go through Granite Bay without going to the beach once. The picturesque scenery is one to die for. And the best part is you can come along with friends and family for that perfect picnic, as you enjoy your swimming and boating activities.
  6. Miners Ravine Trail Loop. Pay attention all hiking aficionados! This is a 14 mile trail that you absolutely do not want to miss out walking. It’s also an option for triathlons, so if that’s your thing, don’t hesitate to check it out.
  7. Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary. If you have got little kids and young ones, then you really must bring them to the zoo sanctuary. It’s always busy all year round and it boasts of a wide range of animals and birds that the children will enjoy watching and also can learn from.
  8. Beals Point. Beals Point is also another great picnic and recreation area where you can enjoy activities like boating, swimming, kayaking, and even camping. The waters are a little warm all year round and the beaches are some of the neatest in the country.
  9. Treelake Park. This is another place you should consider passing through if you are ever in Granite Bay. With a large football and baseball field, you can bring your children along for picnics and sports activities.

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