Are Boating Holidays the Best Holidays?

If it’s true that ‘how we spend our days is how we spend our lives’, it would be just as accurate to suggest that ‘the way we spend our holidays is how we’d like to spend our lives’. Indeed, our preferred choice of holiday reveals a lot about the things we value in life.

Families who head out camping, for example, are probably more inclined towards nature than the thrill seekers who descend on the Vegas strip each year. Similarly, couples who road trip to the Lake District are clearly more interested in seeking out some peace and quiet than couples who snap up a package holiday to Ibiza.

Hopefully you get the point.

With so many different kinds of holidays available to satisfy all tastes and dispositions, it would be tough to make an argument for there being a ‘best kind of holiday’.

Then again, tough arguments are the best and most fun kind of arguments to make, so I’d like to throw one out there now.

Specifically, I’d like to contend that boating holidays are the best kind of holidays.

Here’s why.

A holiday on board a boat is one without limitations. Forget being tied to one place, with a boat you can quite literally take off and explore somewhere new in a moment’s notice. You won’t have to contend with the usual travel irritations, either. No, there’s no such thing as congestion and jaywalking pedestrians out on the water.

Cruising from one destination to the next, you can enjoy a series of attractions without having to plan and follow a lengthy itinerary. How long you decide to step off the boat remains entirely up to you, of course. Fancy an entire afternoon in the pub or even a whole day walking around the mainland? No problem- just moor up and enjoy your time exploring.

Naturally, there’s no hard and fast rules on board a boat. If you’d rather just kick back, you can do that. Mooring up far from anyone -or in the midst of things if that’s what you prefer- you can simply enjoy the on-board facilities without troubling yourself with plans for a day out.

Did I mention that boating holidays are also appropriate for all ages? For big and small kids there’s water toys to enjoy, for teenagers there’s water sports, and for the older cruisers there’s sun loungers and saloons to unwind with.

If you’re still not convinced, I’d wager that you will be once you discover that boating is something that can be enjoyed regardless of experience- it doesn’t matter if you’re not a seasoned yachtie, there’s companies out there who will be happy to train you up before seeing you off on board one of their boats.

Ultimately, hiring a boat and exploring with your friends and family makes for an unforgettable experience. Quite literally the captain of your own destiny, you’re afforded the rare opportunity to do and go exactly where you please. What’s more, the diverse range of waterways which exist around the world mean that there’s somewhere for everyone to enjoy.

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