How to save money on a Disney Cruise

I love to cruise and Disney Cruise Line is my favorite cruise line and of course my children’s favorite cruise too.

But a Disney Cruise can be more expensive when you start looking at cruise prices. I love a good deal just as much as the next person, so that lead me to write this article on how to save money on a Disney Cruise.

First, you may think you should wait until a month before the Disney Cruise is going to set sail and catch a last minute Disney Cruise discount. This is not how Disney Cruise Line operates. Disney Cruise Line offers their lowest fairs a year + out. So when a new Disney Cruise Line booking window opens that gives you the best stateroom selection and best rates.

I did some Disney Cruise Line pricing to give you an idea of how a Disney Cruise can be less expensive when you book ahead of time. I priced this Disney Cruise with 2 adults and two kids ages 13 and 9.

What does a short Disney Cruise cost? I ran the numbers for you and here is a three night Disney Cruise:

3-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral – September 2019

Sep 6, 2019 – Returns: Sep 9, 2019

Ship: Disney Dream

Inside $1,589

Oceanview $1,661

Verandah $1,739

Concierge $3,089

So you can also save money on a Disney Cruise by going on a 3 Night Disney Cruise instead of a 7 night cruise. Maybe add in some time at Walt Disney World or at the beach in Florida or explore Orlando if you want more than 3 nights for your vacation.

Another great Disney Cruise Line saving tips is to book your next Disney Cruise onboard the ship.

When you are on a Disney Cruise that is the perfect time to book your next Disney Cruise. When you book your next Disney Cruise on the ship you will get special on board Disney Cruise Line offers. Be sure to tell them to add your travel agent to the on board booking to take full advantage of this. When you book your next Disney cruise on board you don’t have to pick your sail dates. You are basically just holding a future Disney Cruise with a small deposit. This gets you a 10% discount and also sometimes a Disney cruise shipboard credit. When you get back home contact your travel agent so they can help you start planning you next Disney Cruise using the pre-booking you made onboard.

The bottom line is you need to plan ahead, book early, be flexible with your travel dates, and book your next Disney Cruise while on board and that will let you walk away with money in your vacation pocket.

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