Keeping Kids Occupied During Travel

Taking a vacation with the entire family often creates amazing memories for children and parents alike. While the destination is usually full of activities and adventure, the travel portion of the trip can result in cranky children and frustrated parents. A choice hotel will have enough amenities to keep kids busy.

Use online booking to filter through choice hotels that have things like a game room, a swimming pool or entertainment for kids.

Keeping kids entertained and occupied is key to enjoying a stress-free vacation. Parents must take initiative and prepare for long trips with children by packing an activity kit with enough in it to keep them busy at your choice hotel. Some games require nothing but your imagination. Many cars and airplanes can now show movies, but even those will eventually bore your child. The goal is to endure the entire trip without hearing “are we there yet?”

Using online booking makes choosing the most cost-effective mode of travel easy. Regardless of whether you choose an airplane, car or train, avoid glue and scissors or messy felts regardless of your mode of travel. You won’t be able to take them on an airplane and they can be messy in the car. If you pack some coloring books, pick up some pencil crayons. You can also get your kids involved in storytelling by each telling a part of a (made-up) story, with their favorite character as the star of the tale.

If you and your kids tire of “I Spy” and “20 questions”, why not teach your kids some simple card games? “Go Fish” and “Old Maid” are relatively easy card games that kids can learn. You can also pick up “Uno” or one of the many magnetic travel games. You can find versions of all of your favorites from tic tac toe to checkers. The magnetic pieces ensure that the game stays intact regardless of turbulence or speed bumps.

Some games require a little bit of prep work. If you are embarking upon a long road trip, it’s worth the effort. Print off a list of items for a “road trip scavenger hunt”. You might include things like a bald eagle, a Volkswagen bug or an ice cream shop on the list. When doing your online booking, make sure that you map out a route that is a bit more scenic so you can integrate the scenery into your travel games.

Make your trip a bit educational. Challenge the family to a spelling bee. You can also use the alphabet to refresh your kids’ geography skills, asking them to alternate naming cities that start with every letter of the alphabet.

When doing your hotel booking, map out the location to ensure that it’s within close proximity of the hot spots. Your choice hotel should be kid-friendly and many online booking sites will have filters for this.

Keeping kids entertained during long travel takes some preparation and creativity. Getting to your destination can be a fun part of your entire vacation with a little bit of planning. Remember that keeping kids happy is going to result in happy parents, because you will arrive at your choice hotel more relaxed and ready to start your vacation.

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